December 15, 2013

Fingers Everywhere

That wasn't the most fun I've had watching Arsenal play in the 24 years I've supported them, but strangely it wasn't the least entertaining either. We sort of put up something close to what I thought might have been a little bit like maybe a fight? Or something. Well done Walcott for his brace, and a lovely couple of goals they were too.

As far the rest of the team you could obviously see that 3 games in 6 days was taking it's toll. Jack Wilshere, however, had only played just over an hour against Everton and had a nice little rest against Napoli, so what's his excuse? The middle finger he gestured to the Citeh fans, while fantastic and probably deserved, was actually a really stupid move on his part. 

When you're paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a week to put on the Red & White of Arsenal Football Club, you are expected to have a little class about you. We as Gooners can probably get over the fact that you had a shitty performance (to add to the many he's had this season already), but do us a favour, mate and worry less about the fans and more about yourself.

The Germans had a little spat at the end of the game too, which caused Mesut Ozil to storm off into the tunnel before showing the away fans a little respect. This, too is a little annoying, as the Arsenal away fans are some of the most loyal and special in the league. The least those players should be doing after those few thousand Gooners traveled 200 miles to watch their team get spanked, is to give them a clap. Poor form, but hopefully something that won't mar him for the rest of his Arsenal career. 

Throw the Koscielny injury into the mix and a couple of clean goals that were called for offside against Arsenal and all in all the day pretty much resembled a John Terry/Ryan Shawcross love child... hideous.

We've got 9 days until we welcome the Russian Bus Stop in Fulham to The Emirates, so that should give us ample time to cry in our pillows and change our tampons. Unfortunately Wilshere will probably be suspended, so someone else is going to have to give the rich, corporate, spoiled brats they call 'fans' wearing blue next Monday the finger. 

There's no glossing over the fact that the Chelski game is our most important of the season so far. A win for the Russians and they go top of the league for Christmas. If that happens then I will be convinced there absolutely is no such thing as Santa, or Father Christmas for that matter! 

This loss to Citeh was almost charitable. It gave all Arsenal haters across the globe (there's a lot of them, evidently) a chance to jizz themselves over the embarrassingly poor shit talk they call 'banter'. It's amazing how silent the Man United, Sp*rs and especially Chelski fans have been since September 22nd when we perched ourselves atop of the league. Good to see they all still have a voice, let's see if that voice is as loud come May.

Pull yourselves together Arsenal and do us proud!