January 19, 2014

Left, Right?

I'm beginning to get rather comfortable watching Arsenal at the moment. Granted, the Fulham performance and indeed the previous weren't impressive, but I'll take an average performance and three points every now and then. There's just nothing better than watching a bunch of players that work well together and, even if it doesn't run flawlessly, give full effort for the team. It's really all you ask from your team as a fan.

I won't float completely off into lala land because there are obviously some areas of concern. However, I'm far less concerned with these areas of concern at the moment and don't intend to concern myself unless I become concerned. Then, and only then will some concern be shown, if and only if there is reason for concern. But quite frankly, I'm not presently concerned.

The main reason I'm not going to freak out and write about all these things Arsenal should have done, or shouldn't have done and can do better, is because I've been a Gooner for a long time. Long enough to realise that things are going quite well at the moment, so why not basque in the light of victory rather than stress over trying to find flaws in our game? You might not necessarily have to search for very long to find mistakes and areas that need improvement, but I saw Santi Cazorla score a couple of nice goals, while Arsenal grabbed the three points and returned to our earned spot atop the table.

A while back I wrote about how this was Cazorla's first major injury of his career, and I seem to remember questioning his ability to bounce back. Well, injuries just don't seem to be Santi's achilles heel and he's very quickly rediscovered his form. This is most certainly a good thing, with Ramsey out (soon to return) and Walcott done for the season. An in-form Santi Cazorla is about as much as you can ask for really. I'm not sure if it's just because I want to see this, but when I watch Cazorla play he seems to genuinely enjoy playing in this team. Not surprising, as we aren't too far fetched from the flowing, Spanish football he's somewhat familiar with, but a happy Cazorla makes a happy Arsenal, I think.

Speaking of happy, I wasn't too impressed (once again) with the home support against Fulham. It's fair to say we struggled to find our rhythm in the first half, but if I can feel the tension from the fans through the TV then I can only imagine what the players feel like a few yards away. I understand Arsenal fans pay the highest prices in Europe, or close to, but at the end of the day you're paying to support your team. Well, at least I hope you are. Arsenal have been accused of having a rather large corporate section of fans, who also have the reputation of perhaps not being the most vocal. While this might be true I can't imagine anyone stepping into The Emirates and not being entertained by what they see. An average Arsenal performance is still leaps and bounds ahead of a Tottenham side who are "taking back North London". Did they ever get around to doing that, by the way? Well, at least they've still got Adebayor....... 

At the end of the day, a goal from each of Santi Cazorla's feet put us back where we belong, and with many a transfer rumour beginning to simmer I think we've got an interesting couple of weeks ahead of us. Coventry on Friday (Friday???) in the FA Cup, a visit to Southampton followed by Crystal Palace, then onto the so-called 'big boys' in February. This is the business end of the season, and I can't bloody wait! Come On You Gunners!!