June 13, 2014

Back To Normal

Apologies for the lack of a Gooner.com blog the last couple of weeks. I could very well have touched on every single rumor about every single player linked with Arsenal during those couple of weeks, but I can guarantee you that a fraction of a percent of those rumors will come to fruition (if that).

I also think, as much as we, as fans, need news about Arsenal to keep us going throughout this down time, being linked with every player that has ever lived... ever, gets a little tiresome after a while. If you're like me you wait until those three or four news sites that give you genuine (most of the time) information - and not just he said she said that the cousin of the agent's friend said shit - to provide you with something you can really chew on. I'm still waiting.

Unfortunately, the only concrete signings we've got to talk about so far are players that have not come to Arsenal. It's a shame, but this will probably be the last time I talk about our old friend, Cesc Fabregas. Overnight he has gone from a good lad to a complete racist, moronic wanker, just by association. And one, more thing, he looks absolutely awful in blue... and fat.

I direct my anger at him because of the club he chose to sign for, not because he didn't come to Arsenal. There's a big debate right now over why Wenger didn't sign him and why he 'let him go' to Chelski. Would I have loved to see Cesc back in an Arsenal shirt strutting around the Emirates again? Of course. However, his return to the club would have most certainly seen a red-hot Aaron Ramsey miss out on some matches. We'll never know who the boss would have played more often, but you have to imagine that the arrival of yet another world class midfielder on top of the 37 we already have would have meant less playing time for either Rambo, Wilshere, Ozil or even Chamberlain - as that's where Wenger  said The Ox will be playing soon enough.

It's all down to bad timing really. Fabregas became available at a time when we almost have an embarrassment of riches in that position. Had he been available last summer, I think the boss would have picked him up and we would have passed on Ozil. Things happen for a reason... apparently.

You've also got to wonder why Barcelona were so quick to unload Fabregas. I mean, this wasn't a team coming in and making multiple bids for him to try and lure him away from Spain. It wasn't even Fabregas wanting to leave. This was, plain and simple, Barcelona desperately wanting to get rid of him and putting him in the shop window, with lipstick, fancy shoes and they even got his nails done for him. You've got to wonder, haven't you? If he's not good enough for Barca is he good enough for Arsenal? 

After last season I truly believe that, as a club, we've taken that next step to being the team that looks for the best players in the world, not just the best players available. Winning a trophy and making the Champions League will help us to keep searching for those players and we've got the cash to try and convince their current teams to let them go. We are no longer a club that picks up left overs from the 'big' teams - we are a big team. I know a lot of people don't, but I have faith that Wenger passed up on getting Fabregas for a reason. I think Wenger appreciates his talents as much, if not more than we do, and saw something that either put him off the deal, or maybe, just maybe... something better? I hear you laughing, but I think we'll see some top signings before the summer is over. If we don't, and we passed up on Cesc, then we can start shouting, but for now let's be the bigger men and assume (hope) our beloved club has everything under control...... oh shit...

Oh yeah... and Sagna signed with Man Shitty. See you in the Charity Shield Bacary, that is if you can get off the bench.