July 14, 2014

Arsenal Win The World Cup

Here I am, sitting around waiting for some French right-back to be confirmed as Arsenal's newest signing of the summer and all of a sudden this Khedira stuff starts heating up, fast. 

A few days ago contract renewal talks with Real Madrid broke down, then it looked like Chelski were taking a look at the World Cup winner. Then, Wenger straightens his tie, sticks his hand down his pants to shift his balls around (significantly larger this summer than in previous years) and goes to work. All of a sudden Arsenal are not only favourites to sign Sami Khedira, but the move has been described as 'complete' by the Spanish media. 

Granted, the Spanish media is about as reliable as an Alfa Romeo 159, but many sources point to this being pretty legit. Although Arsenal's midfield is stacked at the present, and was not an area I was even considering us to strengthen, you can't say no to a player of Khedira's quality. Sign him up.

Arsene Wenger's been looking at (and signing) German's for a few years now and I can't help but think back to France '98. An Arsenal team that consisted of Emmanuel Petit and Patrick Vieira, who were soon joined by Bobby Pires and Thierry Henry. "Arsenal Win The World Cup" graced the front page of the Mirror - a play on the fact that not only had two Arsenal players scored in the Final which France went on to win, but it was all but common knowledge that they were going to sign Golden Boot winner, Thierry Henry immediately after the tournament.

Now, 16 years later Wenger has been forming his collection of German superstars with the likes of Per Mertesacker, Lukas Podolski and Mesut Ozil. Although there were no Gunners on the score sheet in the Final, I half expected to see that famous headline again. Now, after Germany dominated the World Cup we are about to potentially add another German to the squad. It all sounds very familiar.

After France '98 - and after Arsenal signed half the French national team - Arsenal went on to have some of their most successful years as a Football Club. Can we be witnessing the beginning of something special again? Is this sudden emergence of German talent in the Emirates dressing room a sign that Wenger has finally got it right? We're going to have a fantastic time finding out, I can tell you that. 

If the Khedira rumours really do materialize, then Jack Wilshere better step his game up and pull himself together. Of course, the same day these transfer rumours arise, pictures pop up with the young Englishman smoking and drinking in a pool in Las Vegas. By all means, have a good time, but we all know how Wenger feels about that sort of behavior, and with Wilshere's performances left wanting last season, I don't think he's got much time for that kind of stuff. If you look at this squad (and if Khedira does sign), you have to wonder whether Jack Wilshere would be the first to be frozen out of the starting line-up. With the likes of Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchez and even Arteta all potential candidates for a midfield spot, where exactly does an average Jack Wilshere fit in? I like the kid, he adds some ruggedness to the team, but what else is he going to bring to the table to show he deserves to play ahead of these big names?

This summer is shaping up to be a very lively one, and one which could see Arsenal turn that corner they've been peaking around for the last few years. With this squad, and no doubt a couple more additions, fourth spot will no longer be satisfactory. The title is becoming more and more realistic by the day and by the dollar. While Arsenal are spending a lot more money than in ever before, we have to trust that the Club knows exactly what they're doing and are doing it in the best interest of the fans and Arsenal Football Club. 

Come on Arsenal!