August 10, 2014

And So It Begins

Our fans... Oh, our fans. How I wish I was out there with them, and oh, how I appreciate everything they do. When it comes to away games (although Wembley feels more like home lately), the Gooners are the traveling force of English football. No contest over the last few seasons.

As far as the game, it was one to watch, enjoy and savor. A perfect start to the season, or warm-up if you don't value the Community Shield much. A trophy is a trophy however, and I'd rather have this one lifted high than the Emirates Cup if I had to choose. I also wouldn't fault Arsenal for taking it seriously either - in fact I would fault Man Shitty for perhaps not quite taking it seriously enough.

At the end of the day, the best team won, and whether it means something or not it still goes a long way to preparing the squad mentally for the season ahead. We just played the Premiership Champions and beat them, convincingly. I would challenge anyone to take negatives from that performance. Areas of opportunity? Sure, but there was very little about that game (if anything) that I would complain about. There will be nit picking, but what more could we have asked for the weekend before the season begins? 

You may not have noticed, but Samir Nasri was on the field for a few minutes on Sunday too. That cacophony of boos you heard throughout the first half was the sound of Nasri's confidence shattering, and his supreme arrogance melting away. Once again, the away Gooners were relentless in reminding Nasri of his douchbagedness, and supreme ability of being a top class knob end a few seasons ago. 
Like many before him, Mr. Nasri had a couple of goods games back in 2010 and thought he was too good for The Arsenal and should crawl up the country for some more cash.   Sunday was not his best performance, and his complete fluff from 8 yards out proves just that.
Perhaps he won't be so quick to open his mouth before he plays us next time.

Finally for today, a huge appreciation to new guest blogger; "The Galavanting Gooner". A lovely young gentleman I met on my travels to New York recently. A travelled man, and as big of a Gooner as any you'll meet. 
With him being just across the Detroit River in Canada, it is just the beginning of's efforts to bring the world of Arsenal together.

Even if you're thousands of miles away, support our efforts in establishing an Arsenal fan base here in Detroit, with Arsenal Detroit's Facebook and Twitter pages, while also building a following across the border in Canada with the Windsor Arsenal Supporters Club's Facebook page.

Come On You Gunners!