November 10, 2014

Swansea Again! Beginnings Of A Bogey Team?

The Galavanting Gooner: Episode 9

I am breaking a rule here as I always try to wait a while after a game before writing a blog.  That way I can be a bit more objective and not let my emotions dictate the content.  This time however, I am time limited and have a few things I want to vent.  So here it goes.  

What the fuck!  Every man, woman, child and dog could see that Montero had Chambers’ number in this game.  Swansea had one game plan, get the ball to him and let him skin chambers, and that is all they needed.  I am a big supporter of the boss, but he got this one wrong, very wrong.  Chambers was on a yellow and getting consistently embarrassed.  Switch him to centre back and bring in Bellerin.  Bellerin is quicker and wouldn't get skinned so easily.  We were screaming at the TV that if you give Montero that many chances a goal will come, and sure enough it did.  Basic basic team set up that was not addressed today and we paid the price.  Who looked the most pissed off?  Sanchez, leaving the field shaking his head in disarray and I don’t blame him.

At 0-0 I was actually quite calm.  The Flame was doing a good job of smothering Sigurosson and it looked like we were in control.  But as soon as we scored I got nervous.  It think it is experience over time that lead me to feel that way.  But my gut was spot on, we imploded and threw it all away.  The day had started so well with a pitiful Spurs performance and now I feel completely deflated.  We can’t go on like this.  Every big team except for Chelsea is doing all they can to give us a chance, and we are just throwing it all away.  Terrible time for an international break now.  We need a BIG performance against Man U when we return to steady the ship.  I think that is all I can say right now as I am too pissed off to be objective.  I will give I quick shout out to the Ox, my man of the match, you can’t fault his performance today, but a few players cannot carry a team.  

Here’s hoping we can get it together soon!