December 8, 2014

Don't Speak For All Of Us

By Michael Clements

Well, congratulations to the small group of Arsenal 'fans' who took the time to wait at a train station in Stoke On Trent so they could hurl abuse at Arsene Wenger - They have now taken us to the same bottom-feeding level as Tottenham, Newcastle and Chelsea fans. Teams who show no class when it comes to the respect of their club and it's employees. 

If you haven't seen the video, which by now would be a surprise as it's everywhere, then here you go. It's sickening to say the least. I'd love to see the faces of these cowards for a couple of reasons; To see if they are actually Arsenal fans, or just some knob ends causing trouble, and so if I ever see them in public I can shit on their shoes.

I'm as frustrated as anyone with recent results and performances, but really? There were even reports that objects were thrown at the manager (by Arsenal 'fans') as he left the field at half time. If those reports are true then these people should be denied any involvement with Arsenal Football Club going forward.

One of my proudest claims as I continue to support my boyhood team is the fact that Arsenal do things the right way, from top to bottom. The Club stature, the day to day operations, the way our lads are taught to conduct themselves and, of course, our fans. This is Arsene's club, he's made it his and will lay anything on the line for Arsenal F.C.
How dare these people question his integrity or his commitment. His ability? Sure, he's struggling and it's painfully obvious, but he's not fucking us all over intentionally and he's probably feeling the hurt more than we are. I'm not asking that we all send him chocolates and feel sorry for the man, but show some god damn respect. It's the least he and Arsenal Football Club deserve.

Anyone who thinks that by yelling; "Get out of my club!" at the manager while he walks with his squad, and expects things to improve is clearly mentally unstable. All this sort of behavior will do is lower team morale even further and plunge us further into the whole we're sinking into.

I try to look at it relatively - At 32 years old, this is probably the most turmoil and unrest I've seen at the club (George Graham getting sacked for messing with club finances comes close) in my lifetime, but is it really that bad when you step back and look at it all? We're sitting 6th in the league, four points out of Champions League qualification. We're into the last 16 of the CL, albeit without any depth whatsoever to our squad. But one thing we tend to forget is, we are The Arsenal. We play some delicious football at times with some of the best players in the World at our disposal. I'm not trying to sugar coat it all, but if this is as bad as it gets then we've got it pretty damn good.

Let's all take a deep breath... watch some old highlights to pick us up and carry on! 

Ooh To Be A Gooner!!