December 17, 2014

The Red Side Of Liverpool

By Clarky

My thoughts on Liverpool vs. Arsenal this weekend 12-20-2014 for my mate Michael and the Gooner Nation:  

There are so many things going wrong with Liverpool right now, I do not even know where to begin.  Right now, we couldn't even score with a fistful of hundreds in a whore house…Defense, Brenden Rogers, FSG, Balotelli?  Here is a word for each:  Abysmal.  Overrated.  Clueless.  Idiot.  How the Liverpool hierarchy did not see this coming is beyond me.  Not even attempting to replace Suarez was a HUGE mistake that will haunt us for years.  We overspent for mediocrity & got nothing in return.  Ours is not the system for one point man up top… especially if that one man is Balotelli or Lambert.  My Reds are going to have to overspend in January to even get back to respectability.  For me, I have been a LFC supporter since 1986 when I had the pleasure of visiting the city as a young teenager & fell in love with the football club.  My dad used to drive me 40 miles round trip to get a NY Times newspapers so that I could see what all of the scores were in the First Division for that weekend; so I consider myself a very knowledgeable footballer & Red (I Played a bit overseas and college as well).  Good times or bad times, I am a Red for life.  

I have always respected Arsenal as a club and the fan base… Pierse Morgan excluded of course (Full kit Wanker!).  Our mutual hatred of Man United gives us a unique bond as well.  I must admit that I do admire the way you always manage to be in the thick of things on some level.  The stat of consecutive years in the Champions League is honestly remarkable.  Your trophy drought is finally over.  You have an easy round of 16 CL match up.  Things are looking well for you.  

I will warn all of you to be careful of what you wish for… the grass is not always greener on the other side.  (Three Managers in 2 years for us… trust me.)  AW may not be some of your first choice as a manager, but you cannot deny that the man is an evil genius.  What manager could get you to the next level?  Klopp?  Simeone?  I think that maybe being slightly more consistent, keeping people healthy & buying a few more proven players will get you there faster.  If I were AW, I would look to sign 4-5 players immediate impact players in January, get deeper & get rid of a few via loan or a sale.  I think you have the top 4 sewn up and maybe even looking at being farther than expected in the CL.  I also think that things will look even better for you after this weekend too.  I think it will be 2-1 Arsenal and my misery as a Red will continue on.  I hope I am wrong, but I think you guys have too much going right now.  Momentum & confidence goes a long way in this league.  One last thing...Hang on to your diabolical Frenchman, we may need Klopp or Simeone come May.  

YNWA from Motown