February 7, 2015

Time To Respond

By Michael Clements

The best team won, but they're still shit.
It just so happens that Arsenal were shittier. Watching the Sp*rs fans celebrate a win against Arsenal reminds one of a vegan kid being given sweets for the first time - you just have to sit back and let them enjoy the moment. As Gooners, we're spoiled in relation to Sp*rs fans to how much success we get to enjoy and we'd be classless not to let them enjoy their brief moment in time. And fair play to them, their team outplayed us and clearly had more passion and drive to get the three points. 

We didn't play badly, but there were just too many balls bouncing in Tottenham's favour and our boys just didn't want it as much as the fellas from the weird end of Seven Sisters Rd.
Nobody hates the referee excuse more than I do, but I wouldn't be doing Arsenal justice if it wasn't at least mentioned. Martin Atkinson has never been an Arsenal favourite, nor has he ever been one of the better referee's in the Premier League, so I suppose it wasn't surprising to see him have such a poor game, but it was frustrating nevertheless. Our boys in Red & White were punished, several times, for incidents where Tottenham players fell with the slightest of touches. It's certainly not why we lost the game, but it's not particularly encouraging for the Arsenal players who were already struggling to keep up with the lads with Cocks on their chests.

At the end of the day we sit 6th in the League, a point behind our less intelligent neighbours. Not exactly where I expected us to be a few weeks ago when we looked to be hitting our stride and building momentum. 'Tis the life of a Gooner, however, to have our joy interrupted by such a massive disappointment. 

The Welbeck/Rose show going on down the wing was a nice side story, but I'm still not convinced Walcott couldn't have done better if started (or at least given more minutes). Danny looked a touch rusty, similar to how Theo looked 3 weeks ago, so why not start Walcott and bring on Welbeck for the  end? Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but many were questioning that decision before kick off and with Theo's performances improving with every game it's hard to understand why he wasn't given the nod ahead of his England teammate. 

Having to play Leicester as early as Tuesday could actually be the best remedy for such a poor result - A team that is really struggling right now should, in theory, prove no significant obstacle for Arsenal, coming off a result that should really fire us up if we're in the right state of mind. 

For a moment, I did question Arsene Wenger's ability to motivate the players for a game like this, wondering how Sp*rs (a team that buys players based purely on their ability to put the round pegs in the round holes and the square pegs in the square holes) managed to get one over us, mentally. 

Our form of late should give us confidence that we can bounce back form this one quickly, and we really need to if we're going to pursue our goal of 4th..... 
While we haven't been particularly awful this season, the competition in the Premier League has really excelled this season, and it's been hard at times to just keep pace with the top four. I'm not giving up on our rightful place in the top quarter of the table, but I think this season is going to be one of the most challenging in maintaining our tradition.

Back to the Emirates we go for a matchup with Leicester City this Tuesday, and then Middlesborough  in the FA Cup fifth round proper next Sunday - A couple of games that we should be feeling pretty good about.

Our lads' ears are no doubt ringing after Wenger's post-game changing room recap, but I've the upmost confidence that it will be strictly business for Arsenal this week.

Lastly, Piers Morgan's comments on Twitter stating how Kane wouldn't make our bench is the kind of stuff that makes me understand why people want to kick him in the balls. That and the fact he's a twat.

Come On Arsenal!