April 13, 2015

All Is Good In North London

By Michael Clements

This time last season we had just come off a drubbing by Chelski, two mediocre draws and a shock loss to Everton. This year could not be any different. Eight league wins in a row! I'm certain I wasn't the only one watching the QPR vs Chelsea match with 5 minutes to go thinking this end to the season could get very interesting. Of course, it had to be Cesc who got the late winner to ensure the Russians from Fulham maintained their seven point lead at the top. A draw at QPR and two points dropped would have made things a little more interesting, but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact we are absolutely killing it right now.

Constant pressure on Chelsea could see them crumble and drop points, but with just 6 games remaining (7 for that lot) it just doesn't have me oozing with optomism. For one thing, we've got to rely on Chelsea dropping a lot of points and, as much as I beleive we can get close to maximum points from our remaining games, their squad is just too good to collapse at this stage.

I do love this team right now though, even if the win at Burnley was mediorce, it was still a pleasure to watch. A group of us from Detroit hopped across the border to meet up with some fantastic Gooners from Windsor, Canada. I'm sure as this Arsenal team becomes more successful the fanbase here in North America will grow, but it's epic to see the love behind this team from such a diverse group of people. Compare our following with the Detroit Sp*rs and Chelski groups and it'll make you both nauseous and proud to be a Gooner. The people those clubs attract is just mind boggling - it's almost as if it's mandtory to be a knob to be a Chelsea fan, while the majority of Sp*rs fans in this country can't spell (or pronounce) Tottenham.

As our attention shifts to our favourite tournament, the FA Cup, I have to admit the excitement is really starting to build again. Last season gave us goosebumps because it had been so long, but this season almost feels even better. Perhaps it's because this team really is a better team than last year? Whatever it is, let's enjoy it. As St.Totteringham's Day creeps ever closer there's plenty to be excited about as an Arsenal fan. We're almost injuy free *knock on wood* with an army of players coming back into the frey.

A trip to our second home this weekend to play Reading already feels like an event.

Come On You Lovely Gunners!