October 25, 2015

It's All Good

By Michael Clements

Times like these are relatively rare when you're an Arsenal fan. There's nothing to complain about. I'm sure some troll somewhere on the world wide pessimistic web will find something negative about our performances of late, but right now it's all good. 

The body language amongst the team right now indicates the feeling is mutual in the dressing room too, and it's fun to watch. We could have done without the tense few minutes at the end while Arsenal tried to figure out whether they wanted another goal or wanted to defend their lead, but in the end we got the three points against a decent Everton team. While we didn't win by a four goal margin we still looked convincing going forward and, to some degree at the back too. 

After the Manchester derby ended in a goalless draw, we now sit 2nd place in the league, level on points with Citeh and just a few goals behind in goal difference. Perhaps more satisfying is the 5 point gap between us and the other team from North London, and the 11 point gap between ourselves and the bus stop in Fulham. Glorious.

That's 4 wins in a row now, and while wins against United and Bayern are encouraging, there's something on the pitch that is beginning to give us hope about this season. There are 30 League matches remaining, and roughly 128 more cup games so let's not get carried away, but if you have't got that feeling of excitement creeping over you just a wee bit, then you might be dead. 

Supplemental to Arsenal's continued success is the simultaneous free fall of Chelsea F.C. and the public coverage of Jose Mourinho's nervous breakdown. It's almost too much. Seeing West Ham knock Chelsea down yet another peg can really set your weekend off on the right note, pair that with the comedic failings of the Portuguese clown and it's good times for all. 

While I don't feel a single thing for any Chelsea fan, ever, this is the first time most Chelsea fans have ever experienced anything like this, as Chelsea fans have only existed in the world for roughly a decade. Before that there were cavemen who lived in Fulham, throwing rocks and ever so slowly learning the English language - those few have experience Chelsea-shittness before, and for a long time.  I hope they stick together and get though this turmoil.... Just kidding, of course I don't.

May Arsenal's rise to the top continue. Up The Arsenal!