October 6, 2015

The Wenger Bollocking

By Michael Clements

After the Olympiakos match last week it was clear that Wenger had to act on the apparent lack of motivation within his squad. I would like to think the Frenchman marched into the changing room after the final whistle, waving his arms about, screaming about pride, passion, cannon on the chest etc. What really happened is anyone's guess, but I can guarantee his speech involved threats of the bacon being removed from the breakfast bar at the training ground. 

Every season there seems to be a point where the normally placid manager is forced to address his team in a less than diplomatic manner, usually after a performance similar to the one against the reigning Greek Champions. Sometimes a good bollocking from Arsene is necessary and they are usually rather effective. This one would not disappoint.

From the kick-off against Manchester United you could see a different attitude from the players, and most certainly a sense of togetherness. Our effort to close down United was as efficient as I've seen from recent Arsenal performances due to the players working for each other. If the United midfield got past Cazorla or Ramsey, then the Coq would be there to clean up the mess. Every Arsenal player had a solid performance and it was refreshing to watch. 

Wenger has talked about our ability and potential, often exhausting his certitude but his players finally repaid his faith with an outstanding performance and one that will no doubt give the manager a bit of breathing room as we head into the international break. 

As Wenger slinks back into the shadows and away from the scrutiny of the media, it's his peer, Mourinho that seems to be taking over the role as 'Specialist of Failure' as Chelsea slump to yet another loss at home to Southampton. Jose's seven minute rant screamed crisis and it puts a cherry on top of a great Arsenal weekend. As Chelsea sit 16th in the Premier League, eight points behind The Arsenal, it's easy to forget about all the ridiculous #WengerOut claims and actually begin to enjoy supporting this club. Strange, I know, but for as much angst as this club puts us through, we can coast through this interlul with a sense of calm and satisfaction. 

Come On You Gunners!