November 30, 2013

Dutch Hookers And Flying Welshmen

I read a lot of blogs, especially ones written about our beloved club, Arsenal. In fact there are more blogs about this wonderful club than almost any other professional sports organization, so there's a lot out there to read. I do notice that there's a lot less written when we're winning. Perhaps this is because there's less to elaborate on when you've only conceded 1 goal in the last six games?

Really, how many times can you talk about the BFG and his timely interceptions? What more is there to say about Girouds' holding of the ball and how he brings the entire team into play with his strength and patience? Surely people must be getting bored with all this talk about how we've got one of the most in-form players on the planet currently wearing the number 16 shirt for us? Such is the humdrum of our success that people just can't find anything to talk about? Pssshhhh.

I could talk about this match all day, but I'm not here to give you a play by play or match report. I will, however say that watching Arsenal today (and recently) is slowly changing he way I physically watch them. What I mean is I am enjoying watching Arsenal again. 

It's never been painful to watch Arsenal. It's not always painful watching Arsenal, but in recent years it has been rather frustrating. You work all week and when your day off comes around, you're with your family and friends and a certain excitement comes over you, no matter what place Arsenal are in at the time. Then, Vermaelen whiffs and plays Drogba through to score the winner, or Fabianski flaps at what seems to be an invisible ball and leaves Defoe open for the tap in. If you're an Arsenal fan, if you're a true Gooner then you've experienced some especially shitty days off in the past 8 years.

It seems the entire club from top to bottom has realised their selfishness and I am starting to enjoy the time that I sit down to watch our boys. My wife will tell you how the mood has changed on a Saturday afternoon (morning in the U.S.) in our household. What an amazing idea; enjoying watching football. 

Aaron Ramsey is beginning to be one of those players that gets Sp*rs fans all in an angry daze, while trying to rationalize their arguments about him being over rated. We're a team that has all Man United fans stuttering while trying to point out that they won the league... last year. It's nice. 

I will, however, be the first to stop from getting carried away. We're 13 games in, and a lot can happen. But on the other hand, Theo Walcott is back fit, Podolski is training again and will be fit soon, and Diaby.... well, he's still alive. It's almost a polar opposite of seasons past; We're top of the League and players are actually coming back from injury as opposed to being ruled out for 3 months. You can't help but be optimistic.

Truly, the only thing that could make today better would be to hear that Robin Van Persie has been kicked out by his wife because she found him cheating (again) on her with John Terry. Then she goes to the media and reveals that the entire time Robin was at Arsenal she had been having secret relationships with Sagna, Gibbsy and Vic Akers, before then announcing that their children were, in fact the result of a passionate relationship with ex-Arsenal Chairman, Peter Hill-Wood. Robin then goes on the retire from football due to the unmanageable guilt and embarrassment and joins a Monastery high in the Alps where he is constantly ridiculed by the Monks due to his drastically poor dress sense and awful jokes. Karma.

And speaking of awful, I do hope our friends up Seven Sisters Road can pull off a draw against Man U tomorrow. A lot to ask, but perhaps they can actually put the ball in the net at some point?

Come on you Gunners!!!!!