November 26, 2013

Who's Turn Is It?

I thought the first interlul was bad... this one was agonizingly boring. It took me 180 minutes of quality Arsenal football to bring me back from the dead. 

Watching that fat fuck, Lampard, the Benjamin Button look-a-like, Wayne Rooney and the Backstreet Boys throwback, Joe Hart run around for two games that mean absolutely nothing to anybody not only doesn't appeal to me, but quite literally drains my love for the game. 

I got half way through writing a letter to the English Football Association, stating how they are doing a fantastic job at removing any and all passion for the English game by fielding a team that so closely resembles Howard Stern's Wack Pack, before realising that clearly the FA doesn't give a shit either. 

I hope most that read this had access to both the Southampton and the Marseille games. Here, in the Metro-Detroit area it was tricky to find a reliable source for the latter, but highlights and match reports revealed an Arsenal dominated game with a surprise star, Mr. Jack Wilshere.

So far this season we've seen Ramsey pull off some of the most outstanding performances from a player wearing the famous cannon for quite a minute, while also seeing my personal favorite, Bac Sagna find his incredibly consistent form of years past. Throw some top class performances from new boy, Ozil and a peppering of unstoppable showings from the ugliest, yet seemingly best goalkeeper in the league and we, as Gooners have been spoiled so far this season. What more could we ask for?

How about super Jack steps up and rediscovers his form and takes some big steps towards filling his promised potential? Deal.

Granted, he's shown little to suggest he's a more worthy starter than my left testicle so far this season, but he's had the English media down his throat for the majority of the campaign. He was picked as the saviour by most English pundits and journalists to rescue the England national team from its cursed and soiled recent history, but in the same breath he was chastised for less than stellar performances for his country. This would be a lot to take for a seasoned veteran, let alone a 21 year old.

Of course Jack has grown up quickly, having already played 73 games for Arsenal and 14 for England, not to mention the fact he's already got two kids and has constantly been in the public eye since the ripe young age of 16 due to his obvious talent and potential. My question is how these England 'fans' think they're going to get the best from him by hanging him out to dry every time he can't pull off a Man of The Match performance?

Perhaps we, as Arsenal fans should see how this plays out. Take Aaron Ramsey for example; Yes, he got an unfair time from his own fans here at the Emirates last year, but he's also heard it from his nation, Wales. He was named Welsh captain at a very, very young age by the late, great Gary Speed and perhaps partly due to Speeds' sudden death he never really seemed to find his form for The Dragons. What we're seeing now is his sheer determination to prove all his critics wrong.... and succeeding.

Can we be seeing the same from Jack? I feel like some of his recent interviews and social media comments (God knows he's good for a laugh on Twitter), have suggested he may perhaps be a little irritated by the way he's been treated lately. I'm ok with this, and I encourage that "fuck you, I'll prove you wrong!" attitude.

If we've got yet another key player beginning to find his fitness and form then we're in for a treat this season. His first goal, within 30 seconds against Marseille was simply sublime. He had patience, awareness and most importantly the quality to finish in style. His second goal wasn't bad either, showing he's getting to know his team mates, where to be and when.

To expect Ramsey to continue his earth shattering form all season is a big ask, so we're going to need other 'big' players to step up and share the responsibility. I'm seeing several players this season that are ready and willing to step up and take this Arsenal team to the next level. I'll save the praise for Szczesny for a different blog....

A trip to Ramsey's old stomping grounds on Saturday will continue be interesting, with fixtures coming thick and fast for the rest of the calendar year.

There's only one team in London!