February 12, 2014


Many were looking for some sort of reaction from Arsenal after the Liverpool debacle, but some were cautious since Manchester United have had our number for the last few years. The latter probably didn't consider yesterday that bad of a result but I don't think anyone can deny that it was a disappointing game all around. A flurry of activity here and there, but I would have probably preferred to have watched the Fulham/Liverpool game to be honest. And that's what worrying me the most.

We've had fairly consistently good form all season so far, with a couple of hiccups along the way, but just as we start to stutter slightly it seems that Liverpool are starting to hit their best form of the season. Manchester City are always going to be a favourite, and even though the reverse psychology from silly little man, Mourinho serves more as comedy relief, Chelsea are still going to be battling till the last day of the season with the squad they've got. Perhaps the concerns many had about the lack of depth in our squad are more relevant now, as the team gets swamped with fixtures and already have a few key injuries. After the last couple of games we can ask a lot of questions of Wenger and his players, but we should also remember we're just a point behind league leaders, Chelski with some very decent performances so far this season.

Captains have a bigger part to play in situations like this, I think. As form begins to drop, perhaps someone standing up and dishing out a bit of a bollocking would give someone the wake up call they needed? Vermaelen has only played half a dozen or so games this season and Vice Captain Arteta hasn't really played enough to gain a ton of confidence. Mertesacker is an absolute beast of a captain, veins-popping-out-of-your-neck angry faces and everything. When he's not captain I feel like he gets a little less shouty. That might be me looking into it too much, but I would not be surprised if the BFG was club Captain next season.

On a side note, it's weird how so many people take so much pleasure in the failings of Arsene Wenger. He fell over at Anfield the other day and he's always fluffing about with his jacket. Isn't it so much easier to talk about how Sam Allardyce looks like a walrus, or how John Terry is.. well, John Terry. Isn't is far funnier to talk about how Tottenham spent £100million in the summer, sold almost 20 players and STILL have Adebayor? Arsene Wenger, I'll admit, is a funny looking dude, but he's also a hell of a manager. Let's hope he shows that near-legendary status over the next couple of months. I'll tell you, I could really, really do with a trophy this season. 

Up The Arsenal!