February 16, 2014

Robert Primrose Wilson

I'm not going to say I forgot about Bob Wilson, but it's been a while since he popped up and spoke to the public about footballing matters. Whatever he says must instantly be taken seriously and should always be considered the correct opinion. He's Bob Wilson.

Apparently, Bob Wilson finds our friend, Jose Mourinho; "boring in the extreme." While also pointing out that the Portuguese man-made, talking, walking dog shit should probably keep his often disrespectful thoughts to himself. 

If this wasn't all entertaining enough, Arsene Wenger then spoke up, probably responding to a question raised about Mourinho's comment earlier in the week, when he called our manager a; "specialist of failure." The Arsenal boss stated that he was embarrassed for the money grabbing, John Terry-loving nut bag, who made those comments about failure just days before his team were knocked out of the FA Cup....Classy.

In between all this drama and name calling, Arsenal suggested that nobody had hit the 'self destruct' button quite yet, by recording a well earned win at home against, basically the same team that destroyed us a week ago. Credit where it's due though, with the apparent 'weakened' team we put out the lads still churned out a good performance. The Ox is continuing to show that he's recovered from both his 'second season hangover', and his recent prolonged injury. His first season he picked up the nickname "Walcott with brains", and while I must admit Walcott has grown exponentially since then, Oxlade-Chamberlain is showing that he could be as good, if not better than his English team mate in the very near future. Perhaps just the boost of fresh excitement and passion the team needs right now? 

Speaking of excitement and passion; is there anyone I could send money to so that they could somehow track Mesut Ozil down, sneak a couple of shots of adrenaline into him, replace all his daily beverages with Red Bull, and throw some fire ants in his pants to get this boy moving come game time?? I know Vic Akers OBE is always up for a good laugh and you can't tell me funny man, Podolski isn't constantly thinking of ways to mess with his German compatriot. Next time I see Ozil make a 30 yard run into the box, playing a one-two with Grioud before chipping the keeper to win us the game, I'll thank God for genus Solenopsis.

Sanogo looked OK out there, considering he's barely played since the start of the season, but I'll expect to see a semi-rested Giroud start against the German giants midweek. I'd love and expect to see The Ox keep his place, while also hoping Cazorla is healthy enough to come back into the team, so considering we've got two days rest I think we'll have a very good chance of getting some sort of result against Bayern on Wednesday. Secretly I wish we could get kicked out of the Champions League and concentrate on the Premiership and FA Cup. The only thing that makes me think twice is the fact that this is the Champions League... arguably the biggest trophy in Europe, if not the World, and something neither Arsenal Football Club or Wenger have got their hands on quite yet. 

In a perfect world we go out there, get six past Bayern with Sanogo scoring five, then field our reserve squad in the away leg, but still winning 9-2 on aggregate. 

I've been roughly spot-on about 7% of the time so far this season, which is pretty impressive, so you never know. All I'm asking is a full effort from the Arsenal boys. 
Come on you Gunners!!