March 16, 2014

Special Day For A 'Special' Guy

Apparently Sp*rs have implemented a plan where their current manager (and life-long Arsenal fan) Tim Sherwood deflects any and all attention away from the poor performance of the Tottenham players and squarely onto himself. The fact that Arsenal just completed the triple against our North London rivals isn't as headline worthy as how mean and shouty Tim Sherwood is. Who does he think he is, expressing frustration and hurting their feelings? Unbelievable, managers these days.

It really must have been a special day for him, however, when he got the chance to make a childhood dream come true and shake the Arsenal managers hand. You could tell Sherwood wanted an Arsenal win today, otherwise why would he have fielded Rose and Adebayor? Ohh to be a Gooner, eh?

The game itself was a nervous affair, even though we got the earliest of leads through a Rosicky wonder-strike. I think a really early goal like that come sometimes make things a bit difficult for the team that scores it. At first you think, great, let's get some more. But it's not quite that simple, not against proper opposition. Perhaps it's about how we handle ourselves going into the lead that early - sitting back somewhat and making the odd (impressive) counter attack. Arsene Wenger has never been a particularly defensive manager, but I felt we were just that - defensive. As I said, we looked great on the counter attack, although not making the most of our chances, but it just felt as if we were waiting for them to come at us in a way. I know for a fact we can out-run, out-pass these over rated dip shits, but we let them control possession and get far too many chances on goal.

When I say 'chances' I mean more like open-net, Szczesny's-gone-AWOL-just-tap-it-in sort of chances. The flappy wankers couldn't even score when we literally laid down and presented them with the ball on the 6 yard box. Amazing, yet awful all at the same time. Our excitable Pole in goal had a game to forget for the most part, but the two handsome gentlemen in front of him gave us all performances to remember. Koscienly was as consistent as ever, and showed his true commitment to the club by throwing his body in front of shots multiple times. The BFG, or the Big German Ball Magnet, as commentator Arlo White referred to him, was rewarded for his stellar performance by being named Man of the Match. 

Three points that Arsenal had to really grind out, but a very valuable three points evidetly, as our Russian friends in Fulham dropped all the points against Aston Villa on Saturday. If we can get a win against them on March 22nd, still with a game-in-hand over them, then all of a sudden things look rather more competitive at the top. Of course, Man City have about twelve games in hand over everyone, so I expect them to be leading the pack. The dirty scousers are only ahead of us on goal difference, so this could turn out to be one of the best finishes to a Premier League season in the competitions history. 

St. Totteringham's Day is coming early this year, I can just smell it. It smells of old lasagna, Manichewitz concorde wine and Adebayor's shriveling ego. First we've got the small (very small) matter of Mourinho and his League of Extraordinarily Ugly Henchmen to deal with in a week. Bring it on. Stand up if you hate Tottenham!