April 28, 2014

Happy St.Totteringham's Day... Again

Remember these three slappers? Yes, it was a long time ago, 19 years to be exact. It was also the last time the less talented team down Seven Sisters' Rd managed to finish above The Arsenal. You've almost got to feel sorry for them at this point, don't you? Nah.

Sp*rs fans were probably sitting there at the start of the season thinking; "We've spent £100million this summer, we must be in position to challenge for Champions League football!" 
Except they forgot that they're Tottenham and they're shit. Class is permanent apparently, and the Teddy Sheringham curse is very, very real. Just ask Aldershot Town F.C. 

Right, that's enough talk about shit football teams and wankers, now onto real football and a nice result and three points for us against Newcastle Monday night. I have to admit, as confident as I was before the game, the odds were a bit worrying - 5 losses in a row for the Magpies, and rarely does a team manage to achieve 6 in a row, plus they had their head butting manager back on the sidelines. 

None of this helped them in the slightest, and Arsenal managed a convincing, and a less physically taxing performance. With basically a week between each of our remaining games exhaustion was never really a concern, but it's always nice to get a solid win with as little effort as possible, especially with an FA Cup Final looming on the horizon. (Shhh, we're not supposed to talk about that yet).

Ramsey and Ozil both returned to the first team recently after lengthy injuries, and although Ramsey has had the more successful return so far Ozil put in a nice performance against Newcastle. An assist and a goal will hopefully give him the confidence boost he needs to not only finish the season strong, but also build some momentum going into the game that we're not discussing yet. 

West Bromich Albion are lucky enough to be the next visitors to The Emirates on the 11th, and although they're not necessarily going to be fighting for their Premiership lives, they're still not quite out of relegation danger yet, so I'm sure it will be far from routine for the Gunners. A good week of training and some chats from the boss to ensure the lads don't lose their focus for the last couple games will be just what the doctor ordered for now, and I wouldn't mind if somehow  the doctor also managed to order a double leg breaking for John Terry too. Who wouldn't want that? I know his wife would.

"It's happened again, it's happened again! Tottenham Hotsp*rs, it's happened again!"