May 4, 2014

Such A Perfect Day

What a beautiful day for football. Not only was it picture perfect in North London, but we had a cracker of a day ourselves, here in Detroit. It's days like this that make you forget about all the ebbs and flows (particularly the ebbs) throughout this long season. I think the majority of the players from both sides took to enjoying the day out a little too much too, as the game lacked a touch of, what's that word... entertainment.

If you managed to stay awake for the full 90 minutes, then you were lucky enough to witness a classic 1-0 to The Arsenal win over West Bromich Albion. A nice header from Giroud secured the 3 points and, thanks to Man Citeh beating Everton on Saturday we had already clinched our customary 4th spot and guaranteed ourselves Champions League football next season (at least two qualifying games..).

Perhaps The Baggies were getting frustrated, but when they attempted to kick it up a notch (literally) they seemed out of their depth when first Podolski, then Flamini reacted to some foul play by the West Midland boys. I don't know about you, but Podolski, as happy as he looks most of the time, scares the bejeezus out of me, while the Flamster could probably harvest your organs with his bare hands if he wanted to. A couple of nice chaps to have on your team.

I think it was Arlo White who, while commentating on the game said it had an 'end of term' feel to it. I couldn't agree more, as it did feel like the players seemed to be winding down from a long season. I hope the winding stops there though, as there's some serious business still left to do this season. Shhhh!

Loic Remy was seen in the stands, and that's about all I've got to say about that. 

Honestly though, people will latch onto anything to be able to talk transfers. If we're close to signing Remy because he was at a game, then we must have already clinched a deal for Bacary Sagna's son, if not, why not? He's got a better shot than his father, that's for sure. And as nice as it was to hear the home support plead for Sagna's signature to extend his stay at The Emirates, I do think that it was in vein as it seems all but official that he's going elsewhere come July. A true Arsenal great, and I have no doubt he will receive an appropriate farewell when we play that game at that place on the 17th.

It also seems, after being asked if he's going to sign a new contract about 734 time over the last few weeks, that Arsene Wenger will stay with Arsenal after this season ends. We've all speculated that he might have been waiting to qualify for the Champions League before signing, or that he perhaps wanted to win a final trophy before he said goodbye to Arsenal Football Club, but what he said Sunday was less than cryptic. He essentially stated that he would be here next season, saying;

"I told you many times that my word is my word. I am from a period when you didn't need a pen to commit."

You can't ask for much more than that really, except for the man to actually grab a pen and commit. My only questions would be why wait so long, and by saying he will be at The Emirates next year, does that necessarily mean as manager? I think it does, but the delay is rather suspicious. Or maybe he really was just waiting to ensure he made the Champions League. I'll be the first to admit I was a bit wishy washy after the New Year (and during last summer when we didn't [couldn't?] spend any money). Now, however, most Gooners seem to be in the happy state of mind now that we've assumed our normal position and got an FA Cup Final to look forward to (shhh!!). Hate the man one minute, love him the next. It's a funny old game. 

I do believe, however, that we're better off with the annoying Frenchman in charge. We saw, earlier this season, how close we are to being the real deal and taking this team to the next level. I feel like we all said the same thing last year, but with a bit more squad depth (ha!) and maybe a key player up front we'll be OK come August. 

Finally, I would like to share with you a dream/nightmare I had a few nights ago. This is real, not just blog fodder, I assure you. It began as a dream when I turned on the TV to see John Terry crying (again) while announcing his retirement from football. Joy consumed me while I began to envision what life might be like without having to watch that stupid penis shaped shit sack run fall around trying to play football. Then, a dark cloud fell over my dream and I was instantly thrown into cold sweats when he miraculously recovered from his crocodile tears to further announce that he would be taking a position as lead pundit for all football stations across the planet. I've never been so frightened and alone in my whole life. I feel sick just thinking about him blabbering on about how in 'his day he would have done things differently' or how 'players will never be like the ones he payed with at Chelski'....It was just a dream, it was just a dream......