August 31, 2014

Return Of The Fanatics

So, Leicester 1 - 1 Arsenal may not be the result we were all looking for, but hey, we're still unbeaten, right? Ok, ok, perhaps a touch too optimistic, but it's not as bad as some are making it out to be.

Winning the FA Cup quelled the almost decade-long moans and groans about Arsenal having not won a trophy. Signing Alexis Sanchez went a long way to satisfying the ever undying craving from Arsenal fans for the club to spend money. It was only a matter of time, however, until the joy of watching our beloved Arsenal play football was overshadowed by the negativity and politics that are now such an important part of being a fan these days.

The word 'Fan' does come from 'Fanatic', but sometimes some of these 'fans' take it too far. Last time I looked (about 5 minutes ago), Arsenal lay seventh in the Premiership after just three games, with a total of 5 points, still unbeaten and had just qualified for the Champions League group stages.
Granted, perhaps not the perfect start, but also not the worst. 

We need a striker. It's become painfully obvious over the last couple of games, although Alexis Sanchez performed quite well up front against Besiktas. However, these manic calls for a striker are missing the big picture. We have two (2!) central defenders right now. Sure, you can throw Chambers in there, but however outstanding his first few performances were, he's 19 years old and is still a bit raw. Ignasi Miquel could be a candidate too, but he's a long way from a Premiership center back. If we were to lose Koscienly (still haven't heard about his head injury from Leicester), or the BFG then we're screwed. We saw how vulnerable we could be with a seemingly concussed Koscienly. 

I concur that we need a couple of players before the transfer window shuts Monday, and I've said it all along, but the abuse and mutiny that is circulating social media is slightly repulsive. If we go and sign Falcao, I can guarantee that he's not going to stroll onto the pitch and score 7 goals every game. These fans who think that spending £50million + on a striker will solve all our problems and win us trophy after trophy are to be disillusioned. It will help, no doubt about that, but it's not the answer. 

Clearly the team is finding it hard to gel right now, perhaps lacking cohesion. By adding another new player (or two) is that really going to magically fix the situation? No, it's going to take a couple of games before we really start showing our true potential.

I urge everyone to take a deep breath and relax. Monday should be a fun day as we're more than likely going to see a new player or two in the famous Red & White. Let's not over react about the Leicester result, but let's look to using this next couple of weeks to get the team working better together and come back strong against Manchester Shitty on September 13th. That is, once they return from these useless International games that for some reason can't be held BEFORE the season starts! Don't get me started on these Interlulls.... 

Here's to a fun Deadline Day! Come On You Gunners!!!