September 1, 2014

Well, Well, Welbeck

Arsenal have signed England International and former Manchester United striker, Danny Welbeck on a permanent deal worth about £16million. A deadline deal that will satisfy some, while not delighting others.

The best and most telling part of this transfer is the difference in opinion between Arsenal fans and Manchester United fans.

If you listen/read to what a large majority of Arsenal fans have to say you'd think we'd just signed a legless, obese, American ping pong player. However, if you read comments from Manchester United fans you'd think they'd lost a fan favorite and a player they genuinely thought would become a star for them. Who knows best?

You've got a group of fans who have watched Danny Welbeck from the age of 8 years old grow at Manchester United into a solid attacking force, so I'd be inclined to take their word for it. I take great pleasure in their disappointment, knowing that we've captured a player not only for the future, but for the present. 

"But he isn't Falcao!" 
Nope. He's not. And he never will be. He is, however, Danny Welbeck, and he's now a Gunner, so we'd better put our blankies away, clean up our nappies and get on supporting him, because he's here to stay.

There are some disappointments from this transfer window, however, and they are points that could potentially come back to haunt us. 

I think every single fan, Arsenal or not, knew that we needed a center back before the season began. August came and went and we were still left very short at the back, yet we didn't sign a single body to fill that spot. A shocking lack of action that I believe could lead to our demise unless we avoid any injuries throughout this demanding season. I hope I'm wrong, but you'd be hard set to find someone who disagrees.
What's that Arsene? You don't agree? 

I mentioned in the last blog that we had Ignasi Miquel if needed. Well, that's out the window too as he sealed a permanent move to Norwich City Monday too. Good luck to him, and while I don't think we're losing a top quality player, we are losing depth in a position we never had depth to begin with. I hope Koscienly, BFG and Chambers can suck it up and play 50 games in a row, because that's all we have right now. Unless we throw Flamini back there like we did back in 2007. Uugh.

Overall, I'll listen to anyone who wants to bitch about our lack of additions to our defensive core, and even defensive midfielder if you want to be picky - I will not, however, listen to people say we've "replaced" Falcao with Welbeck. First of all, we never had Falcao to begin with, so you can't replace something you never actually had in the first place. Second of all, I think we've signed a player who can blossom when given the chance to play on a regular basis, and a player who will fit in perfectly.

Danny Welbeck is young, quick, physical and fully conditioned to play in the Premier League. On top of all that, he's a bloody Gunner!

Come On You Gunners!!