September 24, 2014

Thursday Nights

The days leading up to an Arsenal Vs Sp*rs game does funny things to your head. I woke up multiple times during the night asking myself some questions that just needed to be answered.

First of all, when we're about to face someone of Emmanuel Adebayors' quality, what else can possibly be running through your mind other than the question of whether or not any of Kevin Costner's movies were any good? I mean, you've got to be fair to the guy - he's played some really, really good roles in his day, but has he ever topped his performance in Water World? Granted, Tin Cup may not have been his finest moment, but as far as golf films go, it wasn't terrible. OK, it was awful, but Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves was good enough to eclipse both the failure of Tin Cup and Postman.

Something else that always keeps me up at night before a Sp*rs game is what I was doing on the Thursday night, previous to the game. I know for a fact I wasn't watching football on TV, because there isn't football on TV on Thursdays, is there? But, apparently there is. 
One thing that we've all got to come to terms with is that Tottenham are very, very good on Thursday nights. They don't perhaps win all their games on Thursday nights, but they win almost 100% more games on Thursday nights than Arsenal do. You've really got us on that one, lads.

There are some negatives about being a Tottenham fan, however. One of the most tragic times during their history was the arrival (an unfortunately long stay) of a certain Teddy Sheringham. Teddy, or 'Complete  Knob-End' as the Arsenal fans knew him, had the uncanny ability to be an absolute wanker almost every second of every game. You don't wish this upon anyone, and for the Sp*rs fans to have to put up with this for about seven years is something I can't even comprehend. 

If you didn't know already, Arsenal invite their neighbours, Tottenham Hotsp*rs to the nicer part of North London this weekend. A game which is always a big one, but has lost some of it's thunder over the years due to the ladies in white inability to prove any sort of stiff competition. 

Arsenal Detroit will be inviting themselves to the local Sp*rs group hangout - the Red Fox Pub in Royal Oak, Michigan. If you happen to be in or around the area, please come join us as, have a sing-song and let's all laugh at Tottenham.
My prediction? Alexis Sanchez to score 8, even after being sent off after 23 minutes for punching Andros Townsend in the balls. What sort of a name is Andros anyway?

Come On You Gunners!