October 24, 2014

Best Stand-In Keeper Ever?

The Galavanting Gooner: Episode 7

Hello all.  Just a short one today, and not Arsenal focused, though probably something enjoyed most by Arsenal fans.  

Went for a few work drinks yesterday afternoon at a local pub.  They had the Spurs v Asteras game on the TVs (Thursday Spursday).  It was 2-0 when we walked in and of course I put my allegiance firmly behind this Greek team, that I had never heard of, for a solid comeback victory.  Alas, it was not to be and the scum raked up a five goal lead, but for me, that’s where the fun started.  Ateras got through on goal and Loris, who normally does this so well to my distain, rushed out and inexplicably wiped out there on rushing player.  Just let him score, you have a five goal lead and it is late in the game.  Maybe he just wanted a midweek rest.  
Let the fun begin.  

Up steps Harry Kane, dons the lovely purple shirt and gets ready to protect the scum’s goal against the imminent free kick to be taken just outside the box.  Now, I was watching this all with a bunch of Canadians, who’s preferred sport is Hockey and were all looking to me, the English football mastermind (in their eyes at least), to give insight into what was about to happen.  And boy, Kane came through in a big way to cement their perceived ideas of my status into local folk legend.  My insight was “Look at his face, he is scared.  All the outfield player has to do is get this on target and let the Kane make the mistake”.  Then the free kick was taken.  It was amazing, everything I could have ever hoped for!  

Thank you so much Kane for being an unlikely bright spark in an otherwise disappointing (though not unexpected) result, and for making me look like a footballing genius in front of my Canadian colleagues.  Also a quick mentch for Loris for facilitating the event in the first place, great stuff.

If you haven’t seen it take a look here.  You wont be disappointed.

Here’s to our impending victory tomorrow!