October 25, 2014

Hope Personified

We've all been discussing Alexis Sanchez, his work rate and undying desire to run after every ball lately, and he just doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Sunderland 0 - 2 Sanchez

The game itself will certainly not go down as one of the most exciting match-ups of all time, yet there was at least one player on the pitch who took it upon himself to work for the team and for the 3 points. I say at least because he wasn't the only bloke out there running, but the class that Alexis Sanchez possesses it just mouth watering. I'll take this player on any Arsenal team you can throw at me.

When the Welsh Jesus hit his good run of form last season he showed the same sort of mentality - run after every ball, close everyone down, all the time. Chamberlain, although still yet to hit that major run of form, does the same. Welbeck, who I have no doubt will have a successful career at the Emirates, doesn't stop running either. It's no secret that hard work is the first ingredient to winning, but it's far easier said than done.

I think our entire squad is full of players who don't laze about *cough* Ozil *cough*, but it's the new boys who are showing our old boys up to some extent. When watching this current Arsenal team I can't help but get the impression that there is a slight lack of passion. Nothing devastating, but it's perhaps worth a discussion. Many players - often the best - are self-motivated, but for the others it's partly on the managers shoulders to get them in the right frame of mind.

You see a young kid like Bellarin sprint onto the field after replacing Gibbs and you remember what it was like to play your first ever football match when you were 8 years old. He looks like a kid who's going to have a future at the club, and someone who would do anything to play in the famous Red & White. 

As I said, this is nothing that keeps me up at night, but if some of these players can't get themselves up for a game when they've got our cannon on their chest, then something's wrong. I'm not asking much. I'm not asking for them to bust their balls every second of every game (perhaps I am), but since early August I've seen far too many players not giving enough of a fuck for my liking. 

These highly paid athletes are playing for Arsenal Football Club, something most children dream about. The other, far less intelligent kids dream of playing in goal for Sp*rs against Asteras Tripolis for 5 minutes. 

Most of these players have already proven that they're up for the challenge, yet something seems to have veered slightly off course. With another two months before we can even think about signing reinforcements, it's now up to Le Boss to get his players in gear and give some of them the kick up the arse they need.

I'm happy with today's result, but the performances lately have left many wanting. A full week before we host Burnley on November 1st should be plenty of time for him to work some of his legendary magic. 

I've got faith, I always do. Perhaps that's our downfall as Gooners but, while our faith isn't always rewarded, our club deserves it because we are The Arsenal.

Up The Arsenal!