October 5, 2014

There Was A Football Match?

While it's unfortunate that nobody really took notice of the footy match that took place on Sunday, the drama that ensued was pretty entertaining.

Let's get the technical stuff out of the way - Bus Stop In Fulham Chelski 2 - 0 Arsenal - our first loss of the season, and, to be honest it's probably the result a lot of us expected. Looking back, even a draw was a touch optimistic. Chelsea are a very good team, put together by a very, very large amount of Russian drug money.

They played well, we played well. They scored, we didn't. They're complete cunts, we're not. It's all relative really.
What I loved most about the game, as I usually do when we play Chelski, is getting to see their players and fans take complete douche-ness and wankerability to another level. It's quite amazing to watch.

Yes, the handbag fight was great. Yes, Jose Mourinho looked like a small child being disciplined by his parents when Wenger approached him. Yes, the Portuguese fella does a great duck-face. And, yes, I'm pretty sure the 'Special One' pissed himself when Arsene put his hands on him.
This was definitely the first time I felt any sort of compassion for the man, as he developed the look of sheer dread on his face when our manager approached him and attempted to move the tiny man out of his way. That compassion evaporated within a split second, but he had that scared puppy dog look in his eyes for a second, and you can't help but say "Awwwww". Then you realize he's a knob and start egging Wenger on to just smack him in the face.

Another joke out there on the pitch was Cahill. His tackle on Alexis Sanchez was nothing less than despicable, and the fact he managed to stay on the pitch for the remainder of the 90 minutes was incredible. Mourinho's comments that a number of Arsenal players were "lucky not to see red" was just a tiny little bit very fucking stupid. The tackle from Koscielny that gave away the penalty was, let's be fair, a penalty, but there was no way a yellow card was any less than the lad deserved. If anything, the referee wore blue on Sunday, so there's really not much that Chelsea players, staff or fans can complain about. They got the three points, now bugger off. 

It will always entertain me listening to Chelsea fans (especially here in America) try to justify themselves as legitimate football fans. They take the couple of years they've been Chelsea fans and try to make out that they know all there is to know about English football. It's quite funny. 
You see, the thing we have that Chelski fans will never, ever have is history. Every team (except for Tottenham) has a future, but not every team has a past. As far as I'm concerned Chelsea are a franchise team that entered the fray just a few short years ago after a Russian clown decided that playing with Lego and Matchbox cars just wasn't holding his attention long enough. 

We can be proud to be Gooners, and we can be proud to be far more intelligent that the morons that walk around in blue. In the past we may have had a beautiful new stadium holding us back financially - Now, after we've all but paid it off, there will be nothing us holding us back. 

While we may not be title favorites this season, there is not a doubt in my mind that Arsenal Football Club will be a team that forges a permanent spot as title challengers for years to come. We've got the stadium, we've got the staff and we will always have the support that will drive us forward. 

"What is there to regret? I wanted to go from A to B and someone confronted me without any sign of welcome."
- Arsene Wenger, October 5th, 2014.

Up The Arsenal!