October 18, 2014

What The Hull Was That?

"The Galavanting Gooner: Episode 6"

This game has left me with very mixed emotions.  There is an element of relief in that we didn’t lose and with the equaliser coming so late, there was bound to be a sense of that.  But let’s be frank, it was not even close to good enough and there are no excuses for such a sub-par performance.  I really don’t know what was wrong with us.  I feel that the whole game was typified by the Ox.  I have never seen him play even close to that badly.  I think I counted six occasions where he straight passed the ball out of play.  I can’t wrap my head around it, he was so solid on the international break and, despite the poor opposition, looked like a real world class player.  I can only hope and pray that it was just a very very off day that he will be desperate to rectify in midweek.  The whole team looked disjointed and if we had been playing better opposition we would have been well beaten.  Thank god that Hull were so terrible, otherwise my weekend would have been even more gloomy.  It is becoming all too familiar and the draw did not do much to hide the poor start we have had to the season.  I already feel that the league is well beyond us, and only cause of other teams poor results we temporarily lay in 6th place (a miracle in itself).  

Of course we can argue that we were hard done by.  An unbelievable no call means there first goal should have never stood.  But these things will happen over the course of a season and an unjust goal should not be enough to derail us at home like that.  We should have more than enough to deal with that and overcome adversity.  I was worried about the defence today.  The BFG could have done much better to prevent the second goal, but also could have benefitted from a call to let him know the guy was there.  However all in all they did quite well and Bellerin looked like a seasoned pro, fair play to him for that.  It was the sloppiness that killed us today and I hope it is something that we can fix and quickly!  
Let’s focus on the positives for a bit.  Sanchez, wow, what a player we have there.  His work rate is second to none, and all the other players should be following his lead, setting such a great example.  On top of that he is and unquestionable talent and if Costa did not exist, he would be being touted as the signing of the summer.  Not all the other players can feasibly aspire to his level of raw talent, but they can replicate his work rate if they want to.  Welbeck is one play whose work rate you cannot question.  He had a great game today in both attack and defence (apart from that one moment where he fell over the ball).  His goal was maybe my favourite of the season so far.  Incredible assist from Sanchez and then such a cool finish, on his left foot too.  Five goals to his name for club and a further three for country since he signed for us.  I am sorry Van Gaal, but you were talking shit, that boy can net.  You should concentrate more on you player’s abilities and less on showing them your hairy balls.  Jack was pretty solid again, I am praying it was just an impact injury and not anything worse.

Looking to mid-week, I am hoping that Theo’s return will inject some urgency into our attack and that the boss can galvanise the boys and put this performance behind us.

Up the Arsenal!!!