October 26, 2013

Cheap Ink

I can't help it, but every time I watch Crystal Palace I think of the £2.5million club record fee Arsenal paid for Mr Ian Wright back in 1991. 

It was only a couple of years after I had discovered Arsenal and just another indication that they were continuing their attempt to build, year after year. For a young boy it was a sort of Ozil-esc transfer that caused schoolboys to discuss to no end the possibilities of what this hot prospect might bring to his new team.

The future Arsenal legend ended up scoring a hat-trick on his league debut and went on to become Arsenal's all-time top scorer... that was until some other bloke named Thierry came along. I've got a couple of shirts with the number 8 on the back, and that cocky knob in the picture at the top of this blog is the reason why. Ian Wright, Wright, Wright!

Believe it or not, Ian Wright wasn't actually playing in today's game at Selhurst Park, but we still managed to walk out 2-0 winners and retain our spot at the top of the Premier League. An Arteta penalty was all but forgotten when he was dismissed for running next to our old bird man, Chamakh. A rather weak call I thought, but I'd be interested to hear what a Palace fan would have to say about it.

Giroud, after working his arse off this entire season so far, got himself a nice goal after a delicious Ramsey cross from the left side of the box. You could tell the Frenchman loved it, and you can't really say he didn't deserve it. It seemed to be a bit 50-50 it terms of opinions of him at the end of last season, but even without anyone breathing down his neck he's managed to prove himself as the spearhead of this Arsenal side so far this campaign. 

I am a supporter of Olivier Giroud and am excited to see what he can come up with on the pitch, but I have to be honest with you; he does piss me off just a bit. I've found myself asking my wife to perhaps not watch the game with me lately, and even though I have't admitted it it's been because of the handsome, tall, dark Frenchman with the creative, yet rather cliché tattoo's on his arm. I couldn't necessarily blame my wife if she were to up and leave for North London with the promise of romantic meals, expensive cars and weird, mumbled French words whispered in her ear, but you've got to wonder whether he'd really have time for her what with his hair, tattoos, tan and other football malarky

I'll perhaps mention to the missus that the handsome one scored today, but I will not be elaborating on his great holding play nor his fantastic positioning, and I certainly won't be informing her of his continued deft touch in front of goal and how he's really improving on playing his team mates into the game lately. She'll have to figure that out for herself.

Besides Giroud, there were 10... actually 9 other Arsenal players on the pitch today, and they all performed well, got stuck in and got one of those grind-it-out wins that we love. I have to mention the Arsenal fans in the away end today, once again they reminded me of how much I miss football with their continued, incredible support of our beloved Arsenal. Someone at the Emirates needs to get these lads together and give them their own section so we can develop some sort of atmosphere at home.

Forget that shitty game earlier this week, we just got 3 points to maintain our lead in 1st place. Who's that team we call The Arsenal?